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Very Sad News

I have some awful news, and would greatly appreciate prayers from everyone! Last year during our homeschool co-op my friends, siblings and I started making care packages, cards and letters for another homeschooling family's son, Jaron, who was serving in Iraq. The family has Eight kids, and the mother, Kelly, found out recently that she has breast cancer and the chemo she just started is really rough.

Anyway, I received an email today that on Friday the chemo was really wearing her down, so some friends have started a fund to help send the kids to a Private Christian school for a while, until she gets on her feet.

Then Saturday morning, they found out that Jaron had been killed in combat.

My heart aches for this family so much. The whole thing makes me feel so awful! I even met the family once, which makes the situation more depressing on my part. I feel so sorry for them, although it is good that Jaron can be with his Heavenly Father now. This was God's timing, I guess, but will you please join with me in prayer praying for peace for the rest of the family?

My heart is breaking for this family, and I'm sure there are MANY families going through very awful things like this, and it makes me feel so dumb, when I complain and moan about little aggravating things in my life. I should be praising God, on my knees and thankful all of the time!

Heavy Sigh.
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